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Bespoke Reviews

Future Generation Trust carries out reviews, as requested, in order to support school improvement. The reviews are completed by FGT academy leaders and in some cases Associate School Leaders.
Reports will be provide a totally independent and objective commentary for Governors and Senior Leadership Teams to consider when reviewing the performance of their school. It will highlight and celebrate recognised good practice and strengths and also suggest potential areas to focus upon and develop. The one or two day review will be a valuable “health check” in the improvement cycle

The reviews will collate evidence from a number of sources:

  • Discussions with Headteacher/Principal and Senior/Middle Leaders
  • Discussions with pupils about their learning
  • Work in books
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Joint Lesson Observations
  • Performance Information
  • Attendance data

A written report will be produced within 7 working days of the review’s completion.

A representative from the review team will be available to provide verbal feedback to staff meetings and Governors if required.